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Timelog Tracker

iTasker is mainly used for those companies that sell products to the customer and provide service within a warranty period. The company has a single or multiple Service Centers and each service center has some Technicians. Technicians provide service to the customers indoor or outdoor. The Customer can make a complaint and open a ticket to the service center physically or over the phone to service a product. The company admin can assign a Technician to service a customer's product by a customer ticket. The technician can change the ticket status assigned to him.


Super Admin:

  • Create multiple companies
  • View all company user list
  • Set application role
  • Company status update
  • Create company admin

Company Admin:

  • All summaries in the dashboard
  • View and create customer details
  • Role wise permission
  • Create new complaints and update
  • Account settings
  • Service Center
  • Service center-wise technicians
  • Product categories
  • Products
  • Product models
  • Spare parts
  • Product problems

Technician Role:

  • Can view assigned tasks
  • Update task status
  • Attach documents
  • View task summary in the dashboard