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  • Scale your development teams with experienced tech personnel. Gain from remote, quick hires committed to your company.

  • To assess the health of your digital business, have professionals review your software, codebase, or technological stack.

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We have a web and app development company. From full-stack developers to business analysts and project managers, we have everything (and everyone) you could possibly need to build digital products and swiftly reach the market. We provide more than simply shipping code guidance.

We work with the best

You need a trusted software partner who can help you scale and adapt to contemporary issues whether you're a big business or a small startup. When it comes to taking care of their project demands at all phases of development, clients adore working with us.

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A trust-first approach to development and design

You will meet our professionals in person, unlike other development organizations. We take the time to fully comprehend your company's operations and integrate with your employees and processes.


With real-time project tracking software that displays activity, logs, and hours worked, you can get precise estimations of the time and resources spent.


Learn more about each member of your Trillionbits team as we collaborate to develop trust and dependability as friends rather than nameless code providers.


Work with a dedicated manager and integrate Trillionbits with your communication tools to keep everyone up to date on timelines and conversations.


Benefit from a software partner that works with you to dial in business requirements and challenge ideas—growing your business as if it’s our own.

Why Choose Us

What we promise high quality IT Agency Services

Trillion bits by Isahaque Miah. Since then, our team has expanded to include experienced Project Manager, Senior Developers and Business Analyst experts. Unlike many of our competitors however, we offer such a broad range of services that we typically become a true technology partner with clients.

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Technology Using in our platforms

At Trillionbits, we follow the Agile Software Development methodology, which refers to a group of software development methodologies that are based on similar principles.


Work Process

We manage your projects using tried-and-true agile techniques that are created to bring all stakeholders, including non-technical ones, into alignment. Our approach enhances teamwork and enables quicker turn-arounds to accomplish even the most challenging objectives.

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