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Need to validate the solution vision or fill a gap in technology expertise?

Your project will be launched successfully with the aid of our team of top-notch professionals, who will assist you in the Discovery Phase, selection of the best architecture design, tech stack, and preparation of a thorough implementation roadmap.


Why TrillionBits?

Transparent and flexible payments?

A reliable monthly contract covers the developers, designers, or consultants you hire. Renegotiate to scale up or down, every month.

An extended TrillionBits family?

We value more than just excellent technical work, we truly integrate with your teams.

Remote cost-savings?

Without sacrificing any of the quality you'd expect from the top tech hubs in the world, TrillionBits eliminates the need to spend money on pricey local hires.

Hand-picked, top tier talent?

We match you with the right people for the job, choosing from over 150 TrillionBits experts, with Mid-Senior level qualifications.

Start building my development team now


01. Access our vast talent pool

  • An internal pool of 100 tech experts
  • 200K developers in Eastern Europe
  • Strong employer brand image

02. Quickly expand your team

  • 10+ experienced recruiters
  • Tried and proven recruitment strategy
  • Help with interviewing and onboarding

03. Get the tech expertise you need

  • A thorough screening process
  • Centers of Excellence that ensure skills and service quality
  • Experience with multiple technologies

04. Hand over HR, administration, and infrastructure setup

  • Modern and comfy offices
  • Ready-to-use and secure IT infrastructure
  • Increasing team retention and motivation

05. Integrate your teams and accelerate

  • Experienced Delivery Managers responsible for the team integration
  • Efficient knowledge transfer
  • Hands-on experience with Scrum and SAFe